Marble Counter Richmond Hill – Designing Tips for your New Kitchen

Designing with Marble – the Pros and Cons
Mother Nature wins the contest in any debate over the pros and cons of marble counters. There is probably no better way to visually rejuvenate your kitchen than with marble. The natural beauty of the stone – varied, distinctive, and bold – is endlessly pleasing to the eye. Marble suggests prestige but it also comes with a durability that is almost unmatchable by other counter materials. Marble is hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant, making it ideal for food preparation. Marble is composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine and is capable of taking a high polish, which is both visually appealing and, again, useful in the preparation of food on its surface. Its coolness makes it especially appropriate for the preparation of pastry.
But there are drawbacks to marble. It requires specialized care. A cutting board is necessary for the marble counter top because of the potential for scratching. Marble is prone to staining. That red wine spill – if not cleaned immediately – will become part of the ongoing legacy of the counter. Hot items placed on marble can scorch the stone.
The uniqueness of the material means that, if it is being laid out in tiles, it is a challenge to match patterns. Marble requires regular recoating or it can cloud. It is expensive, though that added cost point is recouped in the increase in your home's value.
Some Design Considerations
Marble comes in an astonishing array of colours and designs but you should be able to find the right mix for your décor. The first question is the size of your kitchen. Dark marble will make the room look smaller and there is a wealth of light-coloured stone that can actually expand the visual size of the room.
How does the marble work with your kitchen cabinets? Conventional thinking is that the colour of the counter should contrast with the cabinets. Dark cabinets? Use light marble.
Again, what are the wall colours? If austere, then choose a warm shade of marble.
Choose a colour that will appeal someday to a future buyer. There are some wild shades available but they may be better used as accents and not the main design event in your most important room.
And finally, consider the natural light that pervades the room. Many types of marbles have intricate designs – and you want to be able to see that!
The Right Stuff from the Right Dealer
The Greater Toronto Area(GTA) has a number of sophisticated dealerships, specializing in marble. Check their websites out to see what kind of selection they have to offer and to get a sense of the business itself. If it is a small company with a big inventory and a long track record, then they are probably an ideal choice. You will definitely need to draw on their expertise - but educate yourself first too. Vendors appreciate and respect a well-informed purchaser. The company will likely look after the marble installation as well, so a record of customer satisfaction is key. And if they are specialists, they won't have split loyalties or divided interests with other home décor products. Selling you the best marble at a good price is their only goal.